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    Maintenance Dosage?

    Does anyone here have experience with using high(er) dosages followed by low(er) dose of the same AS or a less potent AS?

    Example: using 10 tabs of D-bol a day for 10 days followed halving the dosage for an extended period of time.

    The theory is that a certain mount of AS is used to build 'create' a certain level of new muscle but a much lesser dose is needed to maintain that muscle that is already "gained"--thus using short periods of high doses before lowering the dose and thus avoiding side effects.


    have you found that muscle mass is simply directly related to dose. Higher = more muscle and less = less, with no result in maintaining muscle gans with lower doses.

    Thanks in advance for your insights.

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    And there are many articles and threads here that discuss this topic...
    Do not ask me for a source check.

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    A lot of guys will run a potent androgen at the beginning of a cycle, then follow it up with a milder anabolic to "solidify" those gains and lean out (i.e. test cycle with a Dbol kickstart and Anavar or Winstrol for the month leading up to PCT)

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