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    Need Some Advice Please

    Ok well to start off ive been working out for almost 2 years now at least 4 times a week sometimes multiple times a day so i can get my cardio in....I'm currently 6'1'' and weigh about 285 lbs...I was over 300lbs but i started cutting out bad food and lost some stuck where i'm at with the weight and haven't noticed much change in my muscles...i have a buddy who just did a cycle of roids don't know exactly which ones he slimmed up and looks really good...I'm not an idiot and think ima take them and wake up and be perfect i know i need a great diet and alot of working out....i'm 100% ready to do it...I just want to know what i should expect from doing a cycle...I am 20 years old i know i'm still young you don't need to bash on that Ive made up my mind...anyone have a good diet plan i can go by? And anything particular i should do to see the full effects...I'm just looking for some advice and i do appreciate everyone's help!

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    Please read the below article, you also need to head over to the diet section and sort your diet out. At 20 yrs old your to young to take steroids you could cause yourself harm.

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    Any idea on bf?

    You're young so you migt not get a lotta help with those kinda questions. You can learn everything you need though from this site. Just invest the time to go through all the important stickies and educate yourself to the max before you start your cycle. Have everything ready involing pct and gyno reversal shit on hand. I think its a bad choice to start so early as all the bad can be worse. Just my opinion, at least educate youself on the topic, its a serious drug. stick around and read some threads so you can get a feel. Infos all here
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    Well said fellas.

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    if u ask u r fishing (%
    I swear roids seem to have a certain persona about them. It seems, and it is mostly the young and over weight, that roids are a substitute for hard work in the kitchen, hard work in cardio and hard work with the weights.

    Bigscott I am not taking a shot at you but it seems like there is always someone who thinks that roids are this shortcut to losing weight and building muscle. AAS only compliment a well established routine and in no way will be some sort of easy way out. I wish I could eat food that is greasy and yummy all day long but that would be counter productive to all my other goals.

    At 20 you could EASILY achieve your golas with a good diet and dedication. Unfortunately this will take longer than 2 or 3 months which is what you think taking a 2 or 3 month cycle will do instead. I do not want to be the downer here but it wont and in addition to that you will prematurely shut yourself down and have a very real shot at permanently damaging your HTPA.

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    You answered your own question, you already know that diet and training are gonna make you who you want to be. So why not head over to the diet forums do some research on dieting, when you feel comfortable lay out a diet plan and post it, the guys will be more than happy to critique it and tweak it if needed. Try switching up the way you train remember your body is gonna get comfortable at the level its at if you dont challenge it, hit the training forums for more advise over there. Aas should be a last resort after hitting your genetic potential, not a shortcut to get there.

    Good luck

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    You're too young and not ready even if you were of age. Sorry bud, those are the hard facts. The upside is that at your age your natural test level is at its peak, so building muscle and losing weight is not going to be a problem with the proper diet, cardio, and lifting regimen.

    We all wish this was Start Trek where you can eat whatever you want but it has no negative affect because its made out of stuff that's good for you but tastes like whatever you want it to taste like. Or that there was some magic pill or injection that would give you the body you wanted overnight. Believe me if it was that simple everyone would look the way they wanted to. Instead more and more Americans are overweight every year, particularly kids. Crap diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Do the opposite and you'll be the opposite.

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