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    base body temp and overtrianing??????

    If anyone has any input it would be great

    Just got bloodwork back and my
    liver enzimes and kidny enzimes were on the high end of normal.
    LDL was 250 but HDL high as well so my ratio was 3.3
    my TSH levels were midline
    my creatine levels were 600+ lol but I had trained heavy the day before

    But I feel sluggish and fuzzy headed all the time.

    I have been keeping a log of my waking body temp and it is coming in
    anywhere from 90.8 - 93.5, really low.

    I put weight on really easy and it is very hard to cut. I track everything and I should be way further ahead then I am

    I am holding really stubborn fat around my midsection and lower back. Even though I am down to 11% my waistline has not shrunk like I think it should. I am getting really vascular on my arms, chest, quads and calfs.

    Could this be cortizol related? T3 related? Wilson's temperature syndrom??

    My doc thought liver and kidney levels were ok and blamed them on the amount of training I am doing and the fact that I am running a high protein/low carb/high fat diet mon-fri.

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    My guess is that it could be cortisol related, because the retention of trunk fat is a prime indicator of that. However, I will also say that as you lean out your abdominal area is also the last to get lean.

    Talk to me more about your diet. You say you are running high protein and fat with low carbs? Are you doing Atkins or some variation?

    What's your training like?

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    I am following the Anabolic Diet or the Body Opus type diet.

    50/10/40 split mon-fri so I go into ketosis by Tues night or Wed. am.
    I then run a carb up late friday afternoon after i totally glycogen deplete myself, Sunday night back to as close to 0 carbs for Sun night and Monday.

    I use keto sticks so I know that I am keeping on track. My Cal intake is usually around 2100-2300 depending on the workout day. So I sould be dropping weight easy considering I am 6'1 and 205 now. My maintenance calories should be at 3075 using the bw*15 formula. This would be a 20% reduction below maintenance.....

    My training at the moment is something totally new for me......I decided to go this route to totally shock my body, change leads to change.

    It is the RKC Russian Kettlebell Challenge 12 week program outlined by Pavel....

    typical workout -

    10 min warmup

    1min burpies
    40 kb swings - 24kg (56lb) kb
    1min mountain climbers
    40 kb swings
    1min jumping jacks
    40kb swings

    Repeat as many times in 15 min.

    Workout #2

    Clean and press ladders with pullups using 32kg (70lb kb)

    1 c&p l/r
    1 pullup
    2 c&p l/r
    2 pullup
    3 c&p l/r
    3 pullup
    4 c&p l/r
    4 pullup

    repeat 5x.

    5-12 min of 40kb swings - 10 sec. rest between sets.

    I will also add in two other workouts

    5 minute snatch test......max # of snatches in 5 min switching arms 1x - working on getting to 100 right now

    Chrissy workout - 30 burpies/20 swings/25 burpies/25 swings/20 burpies/30 swings/15 burpies/35 swings/10 burpies/40 swings - PUKE and rehydrate

    8 more weeks to go of this - final goal is to do 200 snatches in 10 min.

    Then back to a 5x5 program.
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    really need help on this one

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