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    Winny Long term Side Effects

    Hey Guys,

    I'm new to the forum... I have a quick question on the side effects of Winny.. I took a 6 week cycle that ended back in June and I caught tendinitis in my right elbow so I stopped the cycle and went on my way...

    Its been over 2 months and I feel like the tendons in all my joints (elbow, knee, and just hurt my wrist) all seem to be sore and weak...

    I am asking if you think this is the result of the Winny? I don't know and I'm looking for some answers... I'm about to start a DBol /Test cycle and I wanna make sure it's not that before I start..


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    Winni is known for drying out joints

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    Quote Originally Posted by big_ron View Post
    Winni is known for drying out joints
    my joints ache just thinking of taking some more winnie. too bad I still have a shit load left. anyone wanna trade? an hour, me with your old lady, and I'll put up my 8 grams of winnie I have left?

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    It's certainly a possibility. Winstrol has several potentially terrible side effects when it comes to connective tissue and your joints.

    Tendonitis can also come from muscle becoming stronger faster than the tendons can catch up. That can happen on any steroid .

    I'd advise getting some Deca , Anavar , or EQ in your next cycle. Those should resolve any issues you have provided they are truly minor. If you have serious issues of flaring up of the tendonitis you need to wait until it is resolved before cycling because you just risk exacerbating it.

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