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    A month after PCT

    I am on week 10 of a 12 week test cycle. Everything is going perfect. This is my first cycle ever. I am probably more worried about PCT than the actual cycle.

    I have a lifting competition at the end of week 12. 14 days after last shot I will start PCT, Clomid/Nolva for a month. A month after PCT will be over there is another competition I really want to do. But since this is my first cycle experience I have no idea how my body is going to feel. I don't know how much of the strength/size gains I will lose.

    Anyone with experience let me know how you felt about a month after PCT.


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    Felt like a natural again, just a bit heavier and stronger.

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    This is completely individual dependant. I recover very quickly on VERY mild PCT work so mid way through a 3 week PCT Im back to normal and feeling "normal/natural" as HP mentionned. This being said, I have bro's that need to run HCG and a heavy PCT for a simple 6-700/wk test cycle. A normal PCT didnt work for them in the past so they had to up PCT doses to recovery fully. Sucks to be them, but you got to pay to play.

    Get your bloodwork done @ the end of PCT to see how recovery went. And being your first cycle, dont confuse feeling "normal" again as being messed up. You wont feel as "high on life" as you did while on test. Its always a much better feeling while on cycle and we tend to forget how boring that normallity is again. And dont let this rush you back into a cycle, take adequate time off.

    Good luck


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    true ^ feel so much better on test then normal.

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    Unfortunately, not everyone here recovers quickly after a 10 wk cycle of test cyp. even with "research" pct (liq clomid/nolva). However, there was hope and this person recovered after seeing and working with a doctor who then prescribed a proper pct items. Multiple lab works showed improve and increase hormone levels. This person is now physically and mentally better.

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    Yeah I will def get blood work done after PCT. Thanks,

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    i am about a month out of my first test cycle (12 week 500/week)

    let me tell you about the second week of pct expect to drop 10# of water.
    at that point your diet had better be in check otherwise expect your weight to crash FAST

    keep those calories up and ease up in the gym for the first month(just a bit)

    good luck.... i have been able to keep the majority of my strength and 10# solid

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