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Thread: Tren A + Test P

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    Tren A + Test P

    Not looking for cycle advise but I am curious. I have read people saying that If you run Test and Tren together make sure you run a higher dose of Test. Then I turn around and read another post that says to make sure you run a higher dose of Tren and lower dose of Test. What are you guys personal opinions for those who have done them together?

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    No it is not necessary to run a higher dose of test then tren . depending on your previous cycle experience will determine how much test you should use, as the more you use the higher the does has to become to get the same results over time, but generally the test is there to replace your bodys natural testosterone because the tren will shut that down.

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    You can make either or the parent hormone. Just make sure you have enough test to take care of your libido.

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