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    deca dick and others??

    hey guys
    are there any other roids out there that give you deca dick?? why exactly does deca do this anyway?? thanks

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    I have been on 400mg of Deca and have had no problems in fact it is totally the opposite Normally if deca is combined with a test it won,t occur.

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    as with any other side effect caused from aas use, you have to pretty much be predisposed to it bro. its not a given that it will happen, but if it does happen there isnt much you can do to counter act it other than let it run its course. its caused by a build up of progesterone , which no antiaromitase can fix or prevent. if you are predisposed to deca dick, then you have a really good chance of being predisposed to progesterone gyno. not a good thing. i have never had the problem, and dont have many sides on anything, but i would still not do a cycle of deca alone. i;d rather be safe than limp!
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