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    should i start using creatine?

    a gym rat friend of mine suggested I use creatine to speed up my weight loss and to improve my muscle gain. i play football on the weekends and hope it will help with my performance.

    thanks for your responses, in advance.
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    Diet, training and cardio are all you need my friend...
    Do not ask me for a source check.

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    steroids dont aid fat loss ,they build muscle ,useing steroids at a high body fat % can lead to some serious side effects ,you need to shirt the fat via cardio and diet and then once you get to around 12-15% body fat hit a good lean bulking diet along with some good lifting of weights ,once you ahve done this for around 2-3 years then you can start thinking about steroids ....

    your freind is giveing you faluse information and i would nt listen too him ..

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