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    Legit shit or not? Vets and mods Please READ!!

    I made a deal with a guy that i met through a private message on this board. As a matter of fact he will probably end up reading this post sooner or later. I made a deal with him to send me the first half of my ten week cycle as a sample to see if the shit is legit and then after that i would send him the cash for the entire cycle and he would send the second half to me. He gave me descriptions of all of the stuff and this is what he has said:

    {this is quoted from his email}

    "Herbal Tea Oil D = Deca 300mg/ml
    Herbal Tea Oil S = Sust 300mg/ml
    Dbol 50mg/tabs and Winny 50mg/tabs are in the same
    baggie. Dbol-White Winny-Blue
    Clomid 50mg/tabs is in a baggie all by itself. It is
    also blue."

    {quoted from another email from on the packaging of the deca and sust}

    "I get my stuff from China.
    There are no markings on the pills but they are clearly different from each other.
    The liquids are sealed with a rubber
    plug and crimped with an aluminum cover. On the
    aluminum cover there is a tab that lies across the top
    of the rubber plug. You simply bend the tab over or
    rip it off. Then you poke the needle through the
    center of the rubber plug and draw out your dose.
    When you pull the needle out there will be some
    suction in the vial and it will suck air in. But
    don't worry the hole closes up as soon as the air
    pressure equalizes. "

    Now the only reason i am going through with this is because the first five weeks is being sent as a sample and i dont have to send cash until i see some results. So it seems that the guy is pretty confident about his gear. Why would somebody send counterfeit stuff and expect results that would make me send him money ?
    Has anyone ever heard of methods of packaging like this and does anyone have any advice as to what i should do in this situation? Thanx.

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    Mike Guest
    Sounds like he is confident with his gear - I would go ahead and take the 5wks of it you should atleast see gains from the dbol by then - if no gains dont pay - as for the packaging - what the hell is herbal tea oil D/S????

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    Oh geez, I can just imagine how many e-mails you're gonna get from people wanting a hookup. Do us all a favor and make it your secret, cause you never know what could happen. Good luck with the source.

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    You have mail Bro.


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    Mike Guest
    oh by the way - I know where he got his's most likely legit

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    If he wants to back up his product like that then I would definatly trust him and say its legit good for you its nice to have a hookup like that

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