Thanks for the replys to my "help!" thread.
Here is more info to some of your ?'s.
I am currently taking "animal cuts" for my fat burner, and I consume a serving of EAS simply gain (creatine, protien blend) after my workouts , followed by simply protien after meals.
My diet consists of salads,protien, tuna (lots of it),protien, tukey sandwiches, protien bars, Water, and did I mention Protien?
I have heard that lean muscle burns fat faster than any thing, that is why I inquired about doing a cycle.
I have tried Androstene and Creatine together in the past but do not know wich was working the most, I have tried Cell-tech and like the gains and explosive workouts but not the water gain.
I know size and mass doesnt come over nite, but any help at my age (36) is welcome.
body stats
6'1" 255 about 18-22% body fat (all at the midsection)lol