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    i want to no is teat 400 any good. i have never tried it before.I am gonna take liquid Dbol with it.Do i need to start the Dbol on week 1 or wait till like week 4. and how much t400 do i need to take a week to c good gains.

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    The original jason Guest
    1 1/2cc's per week thats 600mg per week
    dbol 40-50mg per day

    keep nolvadex on hand and make sure u have clomid for post cycle


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    Mike Guest
    I dont recommend test400 I personally thinks it's crap

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    Dude stay with 200mg test and fill the pin then you be fine add some deca and eq and youll have a good starting cycle as long as you have put the time already into the gym naturally

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    looks good to me. My favorite cycle is 500-750mg sust, 600mg deca , and 5 weeks of 50mg dbol ED tapered. If that doesn't bite you in the ass, nothing will.

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