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Thread: starting soon

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    starting soon

    Hey fellas, im gonna be starting my Test 200 and decca cycle soon and as i almost have everything together, and i wanted to make sure i got everything right. I will be doing 400 mg a week of both test and decca, so inject 2 times a week at 1 ml for both test and decca. Liquidex EOD .5 mg clomid 3 weeks after last injection. sound good? pick it apart as you please, i know its a newbie cycle as it is my first

    wks 1-10
    test 200 - 400 mg a week (split up into 2 injections per week)
    Decca - 400mg a week (split up into 2 injections per week)
    Liquidex .5 mg a EOD
    clomid 3 weeks after last injection

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    feel free to bump the test up to 600 mg a wk....if your comfortable with it

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    That is a nice looking cycle! Maybe 0.25mg of liquidex every day instead of 0.5 every other day. Other than that... solid bro. Eat and grow.

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