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    Okay, I have followed the advice here on the board and am doing quite well. I've increased my deca to 400mg/wk, sus250 500mg/wk, Dbol (overpriced) at 20mg/day. I'm starting to look f*king good and ppl are starting to ask me stupid questions in the GYm like "how long have you been working out" "may I ask whats yoor diet" ect. I love it, its happened fast and its pretty cool.

    Okay the question: I've noticed some fat or maybe its water retention, but It looks like I'm getting some extra size in my abdomin thats doesn't look cool. Bloted kinda. Also there' starting to be a small but noticable layer of what appears to be fat right around my midsection thats new. Is this normal?? Will it go away? Do I need Novalex, because I have some. If so how much per day? No bitch tit or anything like that, my upper body is hard and cut and my legs look good too. My diet is right on, high protien meals, shakes, 6 times a day.

    any advice.


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    Ok bro as long as the nipples don,t become sore and itchy no need for the Nolv

    Water retention and a bit moe b,f is common on that cycle afterall its a mass cycle!

    D-Bol will make some people store more water and although it seems strange the more water you drink the less your body stores.And yes it will go away

    If you do start to suffer from gyno its 20mg a day until the side effects disappear than its 10mg a day for the remainder fo the cycle.This will hinder your gains but its better to be safe than sorry

    Hope the remainder of the cycle goes well


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    When i take dbal I get that same gut your talking about try to substatute the Dbal with somthing else you really dont need it.

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    It's normal. I have a real deeply cut midsection, and when I am on dbol , it loses it's cuts, but they'll come back after your cycle is done. dbol is a great gainer, I would deal with it for now instead of tossing it out of your cycle. Also, drink LOTS and LOTS of water, and if you want to try some water pills, that wouldn't hurt either. You could also stack another AS in there to cut down on some retention. It's a personal choice.

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