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    Winstrol Post Cycle Info Gathering

    A) I know I'm too young
    B) I really am trying to objectively gather pertinent information
    C) I currently am endeavoring to build the strongest natural muscle mass my body will allow and I understand this will take many many years of discipline and work; however, I don't think there is anything wrong with planning for the future maybe in 6 or 7 years when I am 30+

    That being said, I have done a ton of research and learned so much. I have learned most of what I thought I knew were ridiculous, regurgitated, generalized misconceptions. I thank everyone here and this site for being such a learning tool.

    I know it is said a sole cycle of Winny ED or EOD is pretty pointless; nonetheless, humor me. If one were to go about it this way, is PCT not required due to the fact that Winny is supposedly non-aromatizing and therefore will not create estrogen levels? Could Clomid or nolvadex be necessary after a 3 week cycle of only Winny, pointless though it may be? What would be required dosage? Since it is not as toxic to liver when injecting would milk thistle or anything like that not be required? I'm most interested on info regarding hormone levels after once concluded a cycle such as this one.

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    Your educating yourself in the wrong area, you want to go to the diet section and understand how to eat to grow. Your yrs away from cycling and no one believes you when you say its a learn tool regarding this question. Start asking question in the diet section, post your diet and lets start with the first step.
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