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    how bodyfat for masteron ?

    how low bf for masteron ?

    ok, 32, 5'10, 192lbs, 12-15% bf, used clen var and prop.

    ok so im planning my next cycle so probably have a lot of questions coming up, i have searched for my answers before starting a thread.

    so how low body fat would you have to be for masteron to be noticable / worthwhile / effective ? the only answers i found were 12% and 8 %

    what do you guys think ?
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    Mast is still going to make you strong and very aggressive in the gym even with very high bf. To notice the cosmetic effects mast has i was say 10% of even a little higher. Some parts of your body are leaner then others so you will notice it in those places for sure. I think its is worthwhile if you do not care about your hair or have a shaved head/buzz. My hair falls out to much with mast but it does grow back. Keeps water retention down and keeps your very vascular.

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    You will get some great effects from it even at a higher BF% level. Stength,,agression,,anti e like properties..etc... The drastic granite like hardening
    of course the lower the BF% the better.

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