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    help on my 3rd cycle test/tren

    Been lifting for three years, lost 60lbs., from 295lbs. to 235lbs. Went from 32% bf to 19% bf. I'm 6'1'', 53 yrs old.

    My question is: I want to start my third cycle, test, tren ; my goal is to lose another 15-20 lbs. I lift 5 days/week, and do cardio 5 days/week. Should I focus on weight loss before I start my cycle, or would the cycle help improve muscle mass and reduce fat; helping me to reach my weight loss goal, by using the cycle for cutting?

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    I would seriously consider the weight loss before you run this cycle. With the correct diet and training regiment you should easily get to 13/15% bf. Then when you run this cycle you will really see awesome results...

    Have you used tren before??
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    No, this will be the first time I add tren into a cycle; My first two cycles were dbol 35mg/day dor 4 weeks, test 500mg/week for 10 weeks.

    Thank you, I will concentrate on weight loss, I'm almost there, just getting a bit anxious!

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