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    Anadrol need advice

    im planning my next cycle and i have 100caps/25mg each of anadrol
    i would like to know the better way to take it, 75mg/day for 33 days or 100mg/day for 25??
    here is my cycle (6)

    1-(4-5) anadrol
    1-10 tren A 100mg eod
    1-12 test prop 125 mg eod
    1-12 hcg 2X250mg week
    1-12 20mg nolvadex
    1-12 .5mg / day arimidex
    bromo in case

    im 29
    5'9 185lbs
    10 years lifting experience

    about the same diet as the unofficial bulking diet thread

    what you guys think about that..., thx!!

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    why are you taking so much nolva? .5 a day of adex is a high dose so that should take care of estrogen.

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