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    first cycle with wistrol

    After the post of "oral cycle" and the negative answers I prefer to write a post with a normal cycle.

    Tell me if now is fine!!

    Day 1 300mg Clomid / 20mg Nolva / .25mg L-dex
    Day 2 - 30 100mg Clomid / 20mg Nolva / .25mg L-dex
    Day 31 - 37 20mg Nolva / .25mg L-dex

    8 week monday Enan 500mg
    8 week Winstrol 20 mg/day
    1 – 10 week Nolvadex 10mg ED
    1 – 10 week L-dex .25mg ED

    Start PCT 2 weeks after last Enan injection with :

    Week3 Nolvadex HCG Aromasin Vitamin E
    1 20mgs/day 500iu/day 20-25mgs/day 1000iu/day
    2 20mgs/day 500iu/day 20-25mgs/day 1000iu/day
    3 20mgs/day 500iu/day 20-25mgs/day 1000iu/day
    4 20mgs/day 20-25mgs/day <----- I read this in the post of pcr, but i'm
    5 20mgs/day 20-25mgs/day <---- not understand if this is HCG or Aromasin
    6 20mgs/day

    Can I use Clear for it's ability of anti catabolic in pct ?

    (I assume I need to change the diet in cycle times, can you link a post on those ?)
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    The point of no return.
    need to know your age ?

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    what does 8 week Monday mean? You're taking 500mg of test on Monday? 20mg a day of winny will do nothing.

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    I'm 24 years ( almost 25 )

    Yes I whant Taking 500mg on Monday.
    How much mg of winstrol I must teke for get results?

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    50mg every day

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    looks very good. the AI in pct may not be necessary, but you can feel it out for yourself. it is acceptable to take at low doses if you have estrogen problems.. and i would definitely do 50mg of winstrol per day minimum (you must be at a low body fat, from diet and cardio, for winstrol to even "work" properly.. it will not "shed fat") also, i would recommend splitting the shots up at monday morn / thursday night or something like that. more stable blood levels = less side effects.

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