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    Other Forums

    First off I apologize if this is inappropriate posting, not sure if its ok to talk about other forums but if so i will delete.

    Ive been hanging around here for about a year maybe more. I have really gotten so much out of it I cant even begin to say but you guys are all here too so you know that this site has an endless amount of information.
    I have recently started to venture out and look at some of the other forums. I guess my question refers to some of the forums that seem to be sponsored by online and "seemingly legit" places to purchase. I question the source of some of this information because these boards seem to so aggressivly push their sponsors. I guess what Im asking is the messege and info im seeing on some of these forums trustworthy considering its comming from a place whos main focus is to push product?

    What are your thoguhts?

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    theres good source boards and bad.

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    We are not a source board, but we are the best for research and education hands down. When you look for a source you are trusting the person giving it to you or if on your own you are taking a risk. That is my two cents.

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