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    Good hookup Bad Plan Need A Better One

    Right I've been browsing this forum for a while, and it helped push me over the edge into trying this new thing to aid my lifting.

    My hookup is an asshole, and he basically gave me a bunch of stuff with no real plan on how to use it.

    What I recieved is as follows:
    1) 30 blue Pills d-bol with a 50 on the back. They are very small and likely only 5mg but I'm no expert
    2) 30 pink Pills of an unknown anti estrogen (EDIT Almost certainly anadrol 50), also with a 50 on the back
    3) 10 bottles of 10 iu HGH somatropin.
    4) 10ml 150mg/ml of Masterone 150
    5) 10ml 300 mg/ml Deca 300
    6) 10ml 400mg/ml Super T, 400

    I've used half the somatropin hgh to recover from an upper lat injury and to test the safety and potency of the product recieved. I worked my way up from 2iu a day, to 3iu a day, to finally 4iu a day over the last Month.
    I'm thinking of acquiring more of the HGH and continuing it through a longer cycle at 4iu a day or greater.

    As of this monday (it is friday) I started taking one blue pill and one pink pill a day.

    Since I haven't been given any kind of decent plan for using the other injectables I'd like to advice of the experts here, who I know have seen many requests for advice over the years.
    I've been lifting weights for 9 years now and am almost 26yo. I love the hgh since it is truly helping with years of martial arts and weight lifting injuries.
    I want to be careful with this stuff and have no problem holding off and acquiring more of the right support gear or using it slowly over as long a cycle as necessary.

    How should I combine the three injectables? How many weeks should I be looking at? Should I try something like an inverted pyramid pattern cycle and taper down?
    Is there other gear I should buy to help this cycle? I just put in an order with my guy for Nolvedex (real stuff) for post cycle and possibly during cycle if I have a reaction.

    I'm looking forwards to any advice or references you experts can give.
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    As of this monday (it is friday) I started taking one blue pill and one pink pill a day.
    Truely a scary statement...... you don`t even know what the pink pills are. You need to forget cycling and do a ton of research. You can`t just randomly take gear.

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    Pills with a 50 on them remind of anadrol ... not saying that's what you've actually got, just funny. Why do they have a 50?

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    Yeah that's exactly what it is. Anadrol 50.

    They say BD on one side and 50 on the other.
    the D-bol has exactly the same markings on them.

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