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    Deca+Finasteride Myth?

    I found this posted on another site. I was hoping some of you Pros could tell me if it makes sense or not. I'd like to hear opinions on why you think its correct or incorrect. Personal experiences with using Finasteride on a Deca and Test Cycle would also be appreciated. Thanks everybody

    "I heard you can't use finasteride with deca"
    Without fail, you'll hear this statement at least once a month.

    First off, let me preface this by saying that this is true, in certain contexts.
    However, I'm an advocate of including testosterone in every cycle, so my explanation is with the assumption that one will be using nandrolone in addition to testosterone

    For those that do not know, testosterone converts to DHT via the 5 alpha reductase enzyme. DHT is far more androgenic than testosterone and is the main contributor to MPB in those genetically predisposed.

    Finasteride is a 5 alpha reductase inhibitor, and therefore limits the conversion of testosterone to DHT via competitive inhibition.

    Nandrolone itself is a 5 alpha reductase inhibitor (although it yields DHN in the process). So less DHT is produced if nandrolone is present. Also, DHN is much less androgenic than nandrolone and much less androgenic than DHT. So, finasteride with deca (nandrolone) should both work to reduce DHT levels, and since finasteride will inhibit 5a reductase, it'll also keep levels of DHN lower too.

    The misconception that deca with finasteride is a bad combination stems from the the days when deca only cycles were more common (often referred to as the days before jason updated the AR homepage cycles ) If one were running a deca only cycle (or any deca cycle without test), then finasteride would be a poor choice, because DHN is less androgenic than nandrolone. However, since we're assuming test to be included in a deca cycle, and both test and DHT are far more androgenic than nandrolone, if your goal is preventing the formation of the most androgenic compounds, then both deca and finasteride work together to reduce DHT formation.

    To sum things up, if you're running a test + deca cycle and are worried about MPB (and you're susceptible), then including finasteride is a far better option than NOT including it, although the nandrolone will help to reduce DHT formation on its own to some extent.

    This doesn't touch on the many positive effects of DHT (libido, muscle hardness, decreased SHBG and therefore increased bioavailable AAS).....this is only in the context of preventing hairloss.

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    Thanks for the post!

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    IMO, his logic is flawed.
    "So, finasteride with deca (nandrolone ) should both work to reduce DHT levels, and since finasteride will inhibit 5a reductase, it'll also keep levels of DHN lower too."

    No. If finasteride is used, nandrolone will not lower DHT conversion. This only works when you have full 5a-r enzyme levels, since Nandrolone has a higher affintity for 5a-reductase than does testosterone (hence the reason why nearly all the nandrolone you pin will convert to DHN), so it is just outcompeting test for the enzyme.
    Therefore, by taking Finasteride, you are nullifying any of this 5a-r blocking ability that nandrolone possesses, AND making it far harsher on your hair.
    AND the guy is assuming tha we need/want to run large doses of test with nandrolone ("always run more test than deca, blah blah blah"), which is not the case. Just 100mg of test will maintain mood and libido when running any other compounds, so long as estrogen and prolactin are kept within normal range.

    So sure, it may help a little to use Finasteride if you plan on using a bunch of test wit your deca, but that's just retarded anyway if you care about your hair.
    Oh, and Finasteride has a laundy list of side effects (I experienced a few of tthem), so IMO it is not worth using unless you are really dedicated to keeping your hair. So just avoid the deca and use your Finasteride, or drop the test as low as possible and use a bunch of deca and skip the Finasteride.
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