So i just started my first course of accutane @ 10mg day, broke out on my last cycle of deca 200mg wk and test enan 500mg wk and it never cleared up properly. its now three months later and my shoulders are still covered in little red dots (the cystic acne cleared). so now im ready to start my next cycle i have 30ml of 200mg equipoise and 20ml of 250mg sustanon which i think i will run the eq at 200mg every 3 days and sus 125mg every three days going for the reg inj to try n keep the blood levels more stable. for pct im going to run 250 iu hcg ed for 2 weeks and liquid tamox(havent used this before ). im also thinking about using liquid dutusteride to lower DHT aswell as liquid letrosole to stop aromatise during the cycle. i also have 5mg of igf lr3 which im going to run at 80 to 100 mcg/day.
Just wanted to know if any of these will react with the accutane or are any of these liquid products liver toxic which im going to get from a research chem site? thanks guys