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    Question Sodium

    I know I'm not supposed to eat much sodium, but my question is how much is too much? How much is the recommended dose of sodium while on gear?

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    Mike Guest
    average dose for the regular person is about 2400mg of sodium a day - cut this in half while on gear (atleast) if you have anything near high blood pressure cut it down even more (800-1000mg/day) Personally I dropped mine to about 600mg while off gear and about 300mg on gear (this is because I have normally very high blood pressure anyway.) I am a salt addict!!! It was very hard for me to do. But here are a few tips......dont eat any salt cured meats (like sausage, bacon, ham etc etc) watch for sodium content especially in prepackaged foods as it is used as a preservative quite a bit - there is a salt substitute made of potassium chloride out there that personally I cant stand cause it tastse like sulfur - what I do is I have my own mix for a salt substitute - I make a shaker of:

    Seasoning Shaker
    1/2 tsp. cayenne pepper
    1 TBSP garlic powder
    1 tsp. basil, ground
    1 tsp. marjoram, ground
    1 tsp. thyme, ground
    1 tsp. parsley
    1 tsp. savory
    1 tsp. mace
    1 tsp. onion powder
    1 tsp. black pepper
    1 tsp. sage

    Yum! By the way - if you are a smoker you tend to salt food heavily more than none smokers would. Good luck bro - hope this helps.

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    Mike Guest

    did you get this bro?

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