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    Using D-Bol as a Bridge?

    I'm posting this thread because I got in to a conversation at the gym with a more experienced user who was telling me that he was using a low dose Dbol as a bridge between cycles. Now I thought that even at low doses dbol will shut you down (at least to some degree), but he said he even uses it during PCT to avoid the crash.

    So, I'm skeptical about this and I think he's either full of shit, stupid or both. Anyways, I'm wonder what the well experienced, long-time users think about this.

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    If you brigde with dbol than you are never really "off". You are abusing steroids ......and an oral one at that.

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    How would he ever recover if he stops using roids....that's if recovery is even possible at that stage

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    Well there is part true in that to be accurate here. There have been logs with blood test in web, that point out that natural test levels will start to recover even when 5-10mg/dbol is used every morning. But the levels do raise slower than they would without that, and I think they are not gonna be up to normal level, but little bit lower because of that dbol.

    Dbol after all only causes partial shutdown, usually leaving test levels to around 30-40% of regular level.

    But anyways, that is stupid to use dbol at your PCT, it's like trying to run forwards and walk backwards at the same time.
    Dbol bridge is very good to use in the waiting time before pct, as you usually stop test 1-2weeks before pct. There it will nicely soften up the "crash". But PCT is PCT and not any kind of suppressive drug is ment to be used during that time.

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