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    For the first cycle

    week 1-12= test e 500mg per week split 2 injections
    pct week 14 onwards= clomid or nolvadex

    is the first cycle decent or the test is just too high??
    some people says 500mg is too high and some says 500mg is good..

    i also have dbol wondering is it ok to add to the cycle?not really care about it though the dbol was given to me by my bro...

    need opinions here..

    i just bought enough test e for the above cycle,not going to start soon(test e expires 2013),still adjusting my diet and still in effort to lose some fat...

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    No the dose it perfect, 400-500mg a week is about what you want for a first and second cycle. You might want to look into a light oral kick start for the first 4 weeks thats just my opinion. It will take about 3-5 weeks for the test to really kick in so taking 30mg dbol or 60mg of tbol or 50mg of winstrol is a great way to make gains while waiting for the test to kick in.

    With proper diet and if you train your ass off you should be able to throw on 15-30lbs your first cycle. Also keep enouph nolva on hand incase you get signs of gyno and i this is the case take 20mg the first day and 10mg a day after might also want to look into get a-dex and take it at 0.5mg eod just to be on the safe side and to keep bloat down.

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    p.s Keep your joints in good shape. Take Omega 3 fish oil, joint forumla with msm chondroitin and glucosamine, and vitamin C. I wish somone would have given this advice on my first cycle! I added 50lbs to my bench wich was wicked but my shoulders were killing me!

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    Cyle looks ok, id stick to just a test e cycle this time round mate, save the dbol for your next cycle....

    Good luck...
    Do not ask me for a source check.

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