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    Lost motivation, too much frustration and I have no will to lift anymore

    So this is about my 4th time posting on this website. Every year for the past 4 years I have at one point became so frustrated with my weight room results that I have signed onto here to look for help. I am 6'1 and 150 pounds and for the past four years I have lifted and worked to eat more and I have gained only a few pounds. I am now 18, and unfortunately time has not helped the situation. Each time I come on here and seek help, I use the help, get my diet together put on a pound or two and then eventually lose it because meeting the demands of the diet are too costly and too stressful on my body or because after a month I don't see results and it doesn't seem intelligent to continue to stuff myself full of food and spend so much money when it appears so ineffective.

    It's embarrassing to see photos of myself and how skinny I am. Too me it's an area of failure in my life, I work hard on my discipline yet my hard-work in the weight room and in the kitchen never leave me with any results. Now I know that most people are going to say you need to improve your diet, and they are going to say that since I don't have results I clearly don't understand the aspect of diet and then they are going to tell me to head over to the diet forums. I've done this in the past and learned so much about the diet and have implemented it into my life. Yeah I don't get results but maybe it isn't because I don't properly understand the diet.

    I'm looking for someone whose roughly the same age who can tell me something that's encouraging, that can motivate me and get me going. I work out harder than anyone in the weight room and I eat way more than anyone around me, I have tried eating both the right and the wrong foods to no prevail.

    It's a let down to myself that I am signing on here yet again, I'm not someone to complain or play the victim card but my frustration in the weight room just overwhelms me right now, but the thing that puzzles me is that I honestly don't feel like I'm not doing enough. Looking back at last years progress I stayed well disciplined, worked out on the proper days, ate the right foods 7 times a day in huge quantities, sometimes I eat till i almost puke, yet I'm stuck making no progress in the weight room. All along my my classmates go out and drink on the weekends, eat what feels right too them and lift twice the weight I am capable of.

    Is it possible I have a health issue? My thyroid is too fast? Is there anyway to slow down my metabolism? Is my testosterone too low? Should I just give up on my want to be a normal weight?

    At this point lifting and dieting appears like a waste of time and money to me.

    P.S, please don't tell me I'm lucky to have such a fast metabolism. Gaining weight is 2-10x harder than losing weight, and if obese people were capable of working out as hard as I do, they wouldn't be obese very long.
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    I can comfortably stay at 170 lbs at 6'4". 170-80 lbs in my natural body weight. I've got a sick matabolism and have always had trouble gaining weight.
    Why would you be let down that you're signing on again? This is the best website for BB info I have found. Not only steroids ... this site has everything on training and diet. You should be signing in more often and reading and reading and reading.
    I'm glad I didn't read anything about you wondering if steroids are a good idea. Cause there not. I know how expensive eating alot can get. Add in Steroids, and supplements and thats ALL your money.
    A health issue is a possability. You could get some tests done.
    You sound like you've exhausted all avenues... and you said you've tried averything... but are you training correctly? Are you sure you aren't overtraining? Are you sleeping enough? I know In highschool I only need 3 or 4 hrs of sleep to get through the day.
    I would post your diet and what you eat, and your training schedual/pattern. Let the pro's on here critic it and give you some advice. Or have you done that already?

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    Hey man thanks for the response. I have posted and had my diet critiqued, I feel it wouldn't be productive to do it again. It is possible however that I might need a new training regime, considering the one I use is somewhat dated, but then again I feel like since it's a program that has worked for others and progressively loads I don't know how much changing it could alter my results, but let me know if you think it would. I'll give you the jist, I'm working out two body parts every other day, back/ chest, quads/ hamstrings, tris,biceps. I'm hitting each body part from about 3 angles, for example, incline, decline, and normal bench. preacher, incline and barbal curls, ect.

    A while ago I did factor sleep time in and generally I go to sleep about 10:45-11 Eastern time, which gives me approximately 7.5 hours of sleep each night.

    I'm getting approximately 3500-4500 calories a day and really just not seeing results at all.

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    In the past I've had people suggest I try non clean foods. I eat relatively clean and feel really healthy and energetic, and generally if I eat unhealthy I feel unhealthy, however I'd be willingly to stockpile and eat some super fattening foods if people thought it could be productive.

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    Go see your doc. If everything really is as hard as you make it seem it is entirely possible that you have a hyper-active thyroid or another health condition.

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    Sorry to hear about your difficulties putting on size. I am quite a bit older than you (28) but wanted to offer my thoughts to hopefully keep you going to hit your goals. I was skinny my whole life and thought i could never get bigger...thought i ate a ton, which i really didn't, worked out, the works....but never got bigger. I was 6' 138lbs at 25 years old....looked anorexic to say it nicely. Long story short a little over two years later I am 50lbs heavier. I started with a simple 3 day routine and i tracked my meals....knew my exact macros each day. Have you posted your diet on here? I know you are getting 3500-4000 calories, but what do your macros look like, what are the timing of your meals, are you getting in all the basic supplements?

    What does your workout look like.....Are you possibly overtraining? Do you do deadlifts/squats? I have good success sticking to 3 days a week. Also have you calculated your TDEE?

    Don't give up can meet your goals....just give it some time and let's see what you are doing now. Best of luck.

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    OP, here is the thing, if sculpting a bodybuilder's physique was easy, everybody would look like Jay Cutler. But it's not easy, it's an art-form that requires a lot of hard work, studying and finding out what works with you and what doesn't (in diet and training). Hang in there, if nothing more the high you get from lifting weights is well worth it and you're probably going to live longer because of it.

    Maybe you should split your workout even more. Here is what I do.

    Wednesdays: chest
    Thursdays: Back and biceps
    Fridays: Legs
    Saturdays: Shoulders

    And I try to do focus my oblique abs one day a week and my upper and lower abs on separate days.
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    its not possible to not gain weight if you are eating more calories then you burn in a day. You obviously need help on your diet.
    Under 170? Over 5'10"?
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    If you aren't gaining weight..... you're doing something wrong..... period. Unless you have an underlying medical condition ofcoarse.....

    I don't like your workout split..... Chest and back are both large groups and should be trained on different days IMO. Also..... if you don't have a medical issue then i'm willing to bet you aren't getting in all the calories you say you are. 4500 calories is quite a bit and I couldn't imagine someone eating all that and not gaining weight.

    Failure is not and option..... ONLY beyond failure is - Haz

    Think beyond yourselves and remember this forum is for educated members to help advise SAFE usage of AAS, not just tell you what you want to hear
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