I am 28 years old

approx cycle history:

500mg test ew x 12wk
50mg test prop + tren 50mg ed
anavar + proviron cycle
40mg ed turinabol cycle

It's been years since I did my last cycle
My shoulder has been busted since easter 2009.
Since then I have not trained any chest or mma

Today, my doctor gave me my first cortisone injection ever.
I told him I had to have it, because I do not want to go towards summer for the third time without being in shape. I am ALWAYS in shape during summer, but not last couple of years because of my shoulder.

If I will be fine in 2-3 weeks (ps, I will ofcourse continue my chiro treatmen even though Im just fooling my shoulde to think its okay)

I do not want any comments on the cortison unless you think it will affect my cycle.

I do not want to grow big, I just want a little help

Is it possible to do masteron only cycle ?
I have done a tren only cycle once, it shut down my libido for 1 year.

What about masteron + turinabol ?

Or turinabol april, may, june and july
Is that possible ? Or is it too rough?

Maybe drop steroids until 1. june and go all summer ?
OR ?

masteron only for six weeks from 1. march -> 15 april
and turinabol only for 1 june -> 1 aug

any ideas ?

or maybe

4 week turinabol
and 4 months anavar + proviron