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    Test E to prop/ Prov/Hairloss/and bloat question (Slingshot)

    I am doing the slingshot with reload/deload protocol from Ronnie...

    Currently on 500TestE/400EQ, with 50mg prov to keep the bloat down. Bloat shows really badly on my face. I am 4 weeks in and noticed Prov to increase my hairloss (DHT) as I am prone to MPB. I am going to stop Prov and thinking of switching to prop to counter the bloat. I also take propecia ED so that should help with hairloss from Test

    My question:
    1. How do I switch to prop, after how many days from the last TestE Shot.

    2. I was thinking 100mg EOD, would that be roughly equal to 500mg TestE? If not then how many mg of prop?

    3. During the 2nd reload, per the program, I was going to up TestE to 750mg/week, how much will that translate to in mg for prop pinning EOD


    4. Should I not worry about switching to prop and just drop Prov? Will EQ help with bloat and staying hard and vascular. 1st time on EQ

    OH and I am also taking HCG 500iu/week through out the cycle

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