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    I have researched and Can't find exactly what I'm looking for.

    So in saying that I do apologize if it has been answered.

    Stats. 6'1..250Lbs ...BF% 18 Age 37
    Lifting since 1988 8-10? cycles( memory this goes back to (94) last in 2000

    I'm not looking to cycle just yet. I have learned through my years of lifting that preparing my body for the cycle is vital to the succes. So question is, what advice is out there for a 37yr old preparing to get back in the greastest shape of my life? I know busting my ass in the gym, as I think I'm doing. But Dieting? Supplements?(non-aas) I take now bcaa, and multi but is there something I should incorporate now? I have been hitting the gym for 8months but weight training for only 4. Any advice from older vets in my same situation would be great. But I will listen to any advice out there. Cutting, Diet, New ways of thinking??? I am going to cycle again but not till I know exactly what is going to max out new gains on these old .
    Thank you in advance.

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    Go to the diet section Bro.gabrice runs the show down there.Watchout for your girl beacuse he is a HO.

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