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    First cycle would appreciate help. thx

    1st cycle please help

    Going to start my first cycle and would appreciate some help. I would really like some feedback on deca use and its properities for lubricating joints and if anyone can attest to this or against it. Have had 1st degree seperations in both shoulders as well as other joint pain in elbows. I also believe i have a rotator tear right now painful lifting and rotation of shoulder and was still considering going on cycle with injury. If that seems like a really bad idea would like to hear opinions.

    My stats: 31, 185lbs, 5'10", around 10%-12% bf, training 8 years off and on.

    cycle: test cyp 400mg/week 12 weeks
    deca: 200mg/week 10 weeks
    arimadex: 0.5mg/day

    Planning to take arimidex during cycle to treat test gyno sides if seen as well as 200mg/day vitamin B-12 to treat deca gyno sides. Not sure on how much arimidex to use or frequency. Going to avoid novadex use while on cycle because of what i have read on the importance of estrogen for putting on mass, but have on hand if needed.Was planning on doing one weekly shot of each product to reduce possible pain at injection site. Would like advice on this as opposed to multi smaller shots. Life of each product seems to suggest no difference unless I am misinformed.

    Planned post cycle: clomid 3 weeks 100mg 1st 11 days then 50mg/week last 10 days. Also, Novadex 20mg/day for 3 weeks. Start date 2 weeks after last test shot

    Also, bought way too much gear and was wondering what the shelf life is on these two products and proper storage.

    I have been considering about staying on cycle for longer if good gains are still being seen without sides. Does that seem like a bad idea?

    Would greatly appreciate any info anyone could give me.

    ty, and cheers to gettin huge

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    One of these awesome Pro's may counter my advice. I could be wrong.... But I would definitely not start a cycle with an injury. That is a horrible idea. First of all, you could easily hurt yourself further. And chances are you will. I have. If you are feeling pain when you are lifting in one particular area, you need to let those injuries heal for god sakes. Continuing to train injuries, could result in permanent damage. Secondly, If you decide to take it easy, and make sure that you aren't injuring your shoulder further, then you are just wasting the cycle by not putting your "all" into it. When using steroids , you want to go all out with your training, diet, and rest. Steroids help enhance your Training, and recovery from training. There is no point taking AAS and just taking it easy so as to not injure your shoulder further. This is my opinion.

    As for Deca and lubricating joints... I have never noticed any real significant difference with or without the use of deca. All I know that it is great when used properly at the right dose, age, time, and length of time.
    There is no need to do anything more than Testosterone for your first cycle. You will be more than pleased with your results/gains from the Test alone. At this time, you don't even know how your body is going to react to one compound. No reason to complicate things. Test is KING!

    I am not prone to Gyno and have no experience with AI's

    If there are no experation dates on the gear... just keep in a dark, cool place. Even if they are expired, they don't rot or go bad. They just loose potency. Just keep them out of the sun and heat. I believe that most human AAS have an experation date of 3-5 years from manufactured date. If you can keep them refrigerated... I believe that is the best way to store. Wait for someone else to confirm that though.

    400 mg of Cyp for 12 weeks is more than enough time. More time on does not nessesarily mean more gains. The difference between 12 and 16 weeks will not be worth the extra month of being On.

    Save the Deca, and make sure your diet/training/sleep habits are all in check bc AAS' are pointless without.

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    Don't use deca on a first cycle. Stick with test e and maybe dbol as your first cycle. Flacco said the rest.

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