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    how long after last injection will effects keep going?

    I was wondering after a cycle of test E 250ml & deca durabolin 50mg how long after the last injection which was a couple hours ago of test E (deca last injection was wednesday) will the effects be kicking?

    Since cycle is done and i wont be as strong or recover as fast as when in the cycle so I plan to decrease a little the intensity, sets and time on the gym beside im a hard gainer so I have to be carefull to not overtrain myself So i dont know if its a good idea to keep it strong for atleats a week more after the last injection (today) or will I already have a slower recovery and lost in strenght?and if not for how long more can I keep a cycle style workout.

    I have read it takes a month atleast with test to be completely consumed but this does not mean its going strong for all that time, its gradually going down so I believe I can't have a cycle style routine for all that time, but at the same time I want to keep as intense as I can while its still in my system.

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    bro I look at your profile and you only 140 lbs.
    I believe your big problem is your diet.
    If you not eating rite (quantity, quality) you not going to see gains.
    Post your diet we help you.
    You will see effects in 3 weeks.

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    Diet is everything OP. Listen to Jumper on this.

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