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    Question Getting ready for cycle #2...

    I'm 36, 180lbs, approx 15-17% bf. My first cycle was back in October, as I went from 170 to 195. My cycle was: 25mg of Dbols/day, 500mg of test-c/wk, followed by a pct of Nolva and Clomid. The pct went pretty well with minimal effects. Lost a good chunk of size but it was puffy and water weight. I managed to keep 10lbs to date and I'm down in bf%.

    This time around, I want to lean out for the summer and try to keep my muscular size and strength if not add more! So, after some reading/research/deliberation, I have decided to go with:

    Anavar - 50mg/day - 8 weeks
    Test-C- 500mg/week - 10 weeks

    I figure it's a safe combo for me(I responded well to the test and from what I see, Anavar is the safest oral), and plus I want to maintain all my gains, or as much as I can(where Anavar comes in again).

    What are some of the thoughts from the vets on here? Is this legit for my 2nd cycle or what? Thanks in advance for helpful responses.


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    That's what I'm also looking into for my second cycle as well. I'm looking into Anavar stacked with Test300 and maybe continue Winstrol -V at a reduced rate. What would be better to gain mass as a second cycle, Clen , Anadrol or Dbal? Knowing these are different in many aspects, all of them have advantages to stack with.

    Any imput on the matter will be considered!



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    Cycle looks fine to me. I love anavar and respond well to it. I'd recommend some liver support such as "Liver Armor" by CTD Labs.
    Maybe run 12 weeks of testosterone .

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