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    Oral winny and clen?s

    So I grabbed some clen from ARR and some oral winny from a friend. I went with the orals because I wanted to back off the pins and pinning winny is not something im ready for yet. Current cycle is Test E/EQ/Tren and now clen. Im using the winny to replace the tren for 4 weeks then finish last 4 with tren. So my question is can I mix these together safely on my cycle.

    my diet if anyone has questions is-
    Breakfast- 1/2 cup egg whites, 2 whole eggs, 1 piece of flax seed and fiber bread with 1 cup oat meal.
    meals 2-5 are 2 hours apart and are 6oz of either talapia or chicken with 1 cup of veggie based pasta.
    meal 7 is a casein shake with water.
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