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    Supplement under cycle

    I was wondering about the best legal supplements to use under my test enanthate cycle so I get the most out of it.
    I dont see any reason to use like sumperpump,no xplode before training for more energy since the testo does that job.
    I was wondering about zma to take before sleep for good sleep(recovery). Since the test makes the recovery of your body
    goes alot faster will I need zma?

    What supplement should I use?

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    A good diet will do more than any supplement. What are your stats?

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    I take superpump, bcaa's, fish oil, whey protein shakes with additional 10 grams glutamine post-workout and an occasional myoplex meal replacement pack when i'm on the road and not able to stop for a meal.

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    multi-vitamin, whey protein post workout, and creatine.. of course, as said above, food is the best supplement man

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