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    Exclamation Is this an allergic reaction to the Tren? Should I stop??

    I just started my first cycle with Tren 200 mg/week (I know beginners shouldn't use Tren, long story short it was the only one available) and I broke out in hives (mostly in the face and elbows) this morning and they have not subsided (it's almost 12 PM now). Should I stop? Here's my stats...

    150 lbs, 13%BF
    21 years old
    1 year weight training 4 times a week, 45 mins/day + 1 hour cardio

    And if you think I'm not in high risk, are the results really going to be worth it? How many pounds am I expected to gain in this first cycle (considering I eat a healthy, full diet, drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep) and how much of my body fat am I expected to lose? I'm already getting the mood swings and apparently they get worse, among other nasty side-effects so I'm starting to think twice about continuing this cycle...

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    Dude, you broke out in hives and youre concerned about 'how many pounds' you will gain? This sound like an allergic reaction for sure and you should not continue the use anymore. At 150lbs you should be hanging out in the diet section learning more about how to eat rather then what to take. There is a reason that tren is for advanced users, let this be a lesson for diving in the deep without knowing how to swim.

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    You really got lucky with the hives, if you had not had this problem you would have probably continued the cycle and had some serious problems from shutting down your natural test and not supplementing it exogenously.

    By all means stop the cycle, get to the diet section and then the workout section and read read read. This is where the real gains will be seen.

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    you are to young can really mess up yor endo system.

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    you're 5'10 and 150lbs and asking how much weight you'll gain on steroids ? My money is on little to none. In fact I'd almost bet that post cycle you weigh less than you do now! You need to really look at your diet. and a Tren only cycle?? I hope this thread is a joke.

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    Stop what your doing you clearly have no idea what your taking or how to take it. You don't need steroids especially tren and your going to have problems than hives if you carry on.

    You need food and more food.
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    You have been well advised.
    It is up to you now.

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    I'm calling troll

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    take this advice now or suffer the consequences.
    Quote Originally Posted by marcus300 View Post
    Stop what your doing you clearly have no idea what your taking or how to take it. You don't need steroids especially tren and your going to have problems than hives if you carry on.

    You need food and more food.

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    I find it very difficult to beleive that you are 5'10" at 13% body fat at 150lbs. i myself am 5'10" and have competed at a 155lbs and was well under 13% and dehydrated just to get there. That having been said I dont know you and cant see your bone structure so I am just speculating, just sounds off to me. Either way that is still a low bf% and you are very small regardless. Why use AAS for the first time and cut? you said that it was the only AAS available to you so you took it? you have to do more research than that brother. Thats like going to the pub for a beer and excepting heroin instead because taps are dry. The first thing you must HIGHLIGHT when using AAS is your goal? shouldn't be cutting at that weight and bf% in my opinion. Second length of cycle? you must prepare yourself for the inevitable end of your joyride. I understand that sometimes sh*t happens and you must evolve, ammend, lengthen, shorten, adding or subtracting from your cycle however in this rare and not ideal situation you MUST know or get the answers you need to make an educated decision. Do not shoot first and ask questions later when your heath is on the line. Dont wanna give a lecture to you just wanna drive home that you must use or at least try your best to use responsibly. If you have patience and access to a cpu you can find the answer to any question. Cheers.

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