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    roaccutane + test e

    hey guys, ive made a few older posts on here in regards to my acne and test-e im 7 weeks in now , fairly happy with everything but my acne, i went to my dermo she prescribeded me with so roaccutane without knowing im on the gear ?, has anyone hear run roaccutane while on the gear if so what doses did u guys find affective ? im 5,10 84kg 10.1% bf ! thanks guys anything would be appreciated !

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    I've run accutane with my gear before. Accutane/Roaccutane same thing. It's liver toxic I recommend you take milk thistle with it. Got rid of my acne. The stuff really works. I did so many crazy things to get rid of my acne. That accutane really works.

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    i got an appointment to see the derm for roaccutane, did they want blood tests ?

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