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    how long to start pct?

    hey guys,

    in the future ill be doing an 8 week cycle of 100mg testp, tren a and mast EOD. i should start pct 2 weeks after last inject correct? its been a while haha

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    If it is test its either 14 or 21 days depending upon the esters. I am not 100% sure. I checked around and saw a thread about when to start based upon what compounds you are taking. I think it is a sticky in the newbie area. I am on sustanon 300 and mine is 21 days after last pin.

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    Your Test Prop's a short ester, the Tren Acetate is a short Ester, I don't know what mast ester. You should check it. If it's short ester your wait period is a few days. If it's a long ester it's 3 weeks.

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