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    How to properly mix B12 injections?

    Hey guys,
    If heard a method of cutting prop pain, is to dilute the prop with some B12. Say i'm doing 2ml of prop EOD does that mean in the barrel i mix in 0.5ml of B12, and allow some air to get into the barrel, and shake the barrel until it all mixes? Or do i keep the b12 and prop separate? (because water and oil don't mix) Is it possible to get an abscess this way?


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    You can dilute the Prop with some filtered GSO (grapeseed oil). 2ml of prop every other day is a pain in the butt, no pun intended.

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    I mix 1 ml of GSO in with any shot. I used it with T500 to soften it and now with Prop/Tren A. I fill my pins the night before which allows everything to mix overnight. Prop ED in no joke!!!

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    yes you can use the b12 to cut prop and thats what i am using for my current cycle of 1ml of prop plus 1 ml of b12 everyday. Dissipates the pain from the prop and my ass is happy.
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    Prop and b12 is basically mixing oil and water and you end up with viniagrette in a syringe, can you inject it? sure. but i'd rather use GSO or Cottonseed oil

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