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    Just finishing first test e cycle. Suggestions for next..

    As the title states. I'll be finishing up my first cycle of test-e. Was at 750/week.
    My stats before I started I was a sloppy fat 170#, at 5'7". Not sure of body fat, but I had zero definition. I am now 12 weeks later at a much much leaner 186#.
    I feel pretty damn good for being less than 4 months in the gym after several years off.
    Trying to plan my next cycle. I'm looking to try to get close to 200 but I really want to lean out a bit more as well for summer.
    I was thinking maybe a test and eq cycle. But willing to hear any suggestions.

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    eq is a rather weak steroid .. at least that is what i heard.. look into maybe a test prop and NPP cycle.. give your self until atleast september before you start.. .time off = time on + PCT

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    Full stats?

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