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    thinking of running HGH.

    Hi all, thinking of running HGH in my next cycle, i want to hear from the vets on here about the sides from there own exspirence of using HGH. Im an old hand on the juice but never tried HGH so sound advice appreiciated. Im going to be running this with 500mg of sust per week, 500mg of decca per week and 50mg dbol per day

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    what are your goals? to gain? or what? thanks...


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    What are your stats?

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    ok my goals are to gain another 20-30lb's, but every where i read online i hear nothing but bad sides from HGH, but the people i know who have taken the stuff say its great and they have been fine with bearly any sides, just trying to get a opinion from a few vets that have tried HGH
    age 32
    weight 15.7 stone
    height 5'11
    bf around 12%


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