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    Other Places

    Well from time to time.I hit other places.And it never ceases to amaze me at some of the stupid things that go on.Like today at one.This kid and it had to be a kid.Beacuse he was happy he hit 100lbs on the decline.Now I know here if a member didnt jump in staff would of.Beacuse this kid was doing 100mgs dbol and thinking it was great.Now I post about the dangers to the liver.But on the next post a senior member says he did the same dose.But he got nose bleeds and gyno.But still thought it was great.WTF.The bad part staff never responded.I know here Matt,Marcus or Reed just to name a few.Wouldve sent the record stright.And people wonder why aas has a bad rep.Beacuse if youre not going to run a board right.DONT.Thank god for your staff they do it right

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    ^^^^^Wise words from the Dog

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    Crazy! and we only hear of small fractions of these stories

    I've seen the famous thread in MD where this guy had a friend start popping dbol when on holidays
    Spent all day drinking eating take away and no exercise no support supplements nothing sheer abuse

    We have to be harsh sometimes to get the facts across but people always think were trying to keep it all to our selves or something even stupider

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    its def crazy other boards the bigger ones they will lay out whole cycle for a 19 year old kid its amazing

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