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    Hi guys
    anyone heard of levotiron , what it does and in what dosages it should be taken?

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    sorry.never heard of it.

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    Re: levotiron

    Originally posted by Martin
    Hi guys
    anyone heard of levotiron , what it does and in what dosages it should be taken?
    First, Martin, I see this is your first post, so welcome to the forum.

    Before I answer your question, a quick digression . . . Martin, I'm sure you're a nice guy, but this is an example of something we see here all too often - "Hey, guys, I just got some [fill in the blank]. What is it, and how much should I take?" Nothing personal, bro, but this is not the way to do AS. That said, I'm glad you asked the question, hopefully, before popping Levotiron. (There's hope for you yet!)

    Anyway, Levotiron is the same as L-Thyroxine, which is listed in the drug profile section of this web site (at]. It's a synthetic thyroid hormone, manufactured in 100 mg. tablets by Abdi Ibrahim Pharmaceuticals in Turkey.

    Some guys use thyroid hormone for AS purposes, but it's very unusual to include it in a cycle. My take is, if you're just starting out in the wacky world of AS, take a pass on the Levotiron. If you have a legit reason for including a synthetic thyroid hormone in your routine, find a more reliable brand like good ol' Levothroid, which is made in the U.S. according to FDA standards and probably easier to get. If not, however, don't fuck with your thyroid - be nice to it, and it will be nice to you.
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    Cool T3 - Cytomel

    Guys - what do you think about T3 Cytomel ? Would it **** up your thyroid as well? I've never taken it but I rather not take a huge risk. LMK your thoughts. Thanks

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    ^^^ Start your own thread, and do not bump 9 year old threads again....
    Do not ask me for a source check.

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