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    Thoughts on cycle/PCT

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    look s good but your pct seem a week shy and i would run 40 mg for the first 2 weeks.make sure you stop the eq a week before the test then wait 2 weeks after last test pin to start pct.
    Quote Originally Posted by mcg424 View Post
    Hello all
    To start, this will be my second cycle. The first consisted of a simple Test only cycle:
    1-12 Test E 500 mg/week

    I completed the cycle and PCT a little over a year ago, so sufficient recovery time has been allowed. During this time I have been training regularly 5 days a week. To give you a full picture my stats are as follows:
    Age: 27
    Height: 5' 10"
    Weight: 203
    BF%: 10%
    Cycle history: 1 previous cycle detailed above
    Years Training: 10. Was a competitive collegiate athlete so was able to build a strong base through athletic strength training. Have continued to train regularly for the past 5 years since school and am now a certified Crossfit trainer. Recently have been experimenting with a strength biased Crossfit program incorporating the Olympic lifts, bodyweight, running, etc into a powerlifting based program.

    For my second cycle I would like to keep things basic and similar to my first, with only 2 additions and for a slightly longer time:
    1-4 Dbol 40mg/day
    1-15 Test Cyp 500mg/week
    1-15 Eq 600mg/week
    1-15 Arimidex .25mg/day
    17-20 Novaldex 40/20/20/20
    17-20 Clomid 100/50/50/50

    -I know I will need a liver protectorent to help with the Dbol, but do not know what I need to take. The educational thread says Liv52, but I just wanted to make sure this is the correct product and that I shouldn't be taking anything else.
    -I found this PCT plan in a thread. It was approved by several other members and seemed to have worked. However, from my reading/understanding it seems to differ from Pheedno's PCT. Will this plan be sufficient or should I alter it in some way?

    I appreciate any and all feedback to a 2nd cycle newbie!
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    What are your reasons to adding eq to your cycle? What did you take for your first cycle for liver protection? What was your PCT for the first cycle? Just some questions I would like answered please.

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