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    Thoughts/Opinions/ Suggestions for first cycle

    I'm 25yo (will be 26 in August)
    ~ 17% BF
    - Been weight/cardio training since 16yo
    - Biceps- 16 1/2 inches
    forearms-14 inches
    Thighs- 21 inches
    Calves- ~17 1/2 inches
    - Out of gym for about 6 months, just got my membership back
    - I use the following supplements
    NO2 Platinum
    Heavy Weight Gainer 900
    Natural Sterol Complex
    Pump Accelerator

    My diet consists mainly of lean chicken breast, various vegetables and fruits, pasta 2x per week on average and a junk food "restarter" on fridays.
    My workout routine is not exact, but what I do is work on upper body for one day, lower body the next.. for one week, and the next week is cardio. The only time I mix cardio with strength training is a 1.5 mile jog either before or after weight training every other day. During cardio only work outs, I save the jog for afterwards.

    Ok, so you guys can probably tell my muscle mass is not quite what it should be and I need to shed some fat lbs.
    Something I should note is I haven't been pushing myself as hard as I need to, but that gets fixed now.

    Ok so anyhoo, with stats and basic info out of the way, here's whats going on:

    I will be hitting the gym every day for the next month(at least) to shed the extra fat I packed on in the last 6 months. My question, though is this--

    I have a cartridge of Finaplix -H, a bottle of Clomid from this forums sponser, and will be getting some synovex and probably nolva..

    Do you guys think I should start juicing BEFORE I lose the lbs, or after?
    I'm thinking after, so I can be in beteer shape and more well prepared for the boost and this would help prevent injury and hormonal imbalance problems.

    Now, for whenever I DO start injections, what I'm thinking is:
    Tren /Fina- 30mg ED for 4weeks
    Test/Synovex- 250mg once per week for 4 weeks
    Clomid- 75mg per day for the first 3 weeks/ 50mg per day for 2 weeks
    Nolva- 50 mg ED for 3 weeks/ 25mg ED for the last two

    So what do you guys think about this? Opinions, advice, tips and so on.. all welcome... especially cycling advice. The above mentioned products are all I can currently get my hands on.
    I'm in no hurry to screw up my body or anything like that. I have been reading the forums, but I'd like some personalized advice based on my unique criteria.

    Thanks in advance for all helpful tips and advice.

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    TREN IS NOT A FIRST CYCLE COMPOUND. All you need for a first cycle is Test. You will see great results with 300mg/wk. Stay away from the tren man. It's evil. See how you respond to test and save the tren for your 4th cycle or so. You can't run before you can crawl my friend. Save the clomid and nolva for PCT there's no reason to run it during cycle unless you start to feel some estro sides, then you can run some nolva until the issue resides. You still have a good bit of research to do, so I really hope you're true to your word and don't rush into this. Oh and drop the bf before you start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eazy20 View Post
    Oh and drop the bf before you start.
    Agreed. I believe general consensus is that bf% should be around 12% before starting a cycle - may be wrong there.

    Spend some time cruising around these forums bro. A lot of the blokes here have a lot of experience and you'll find that a lot of other people will post who are in similar circumstances to yourself.

    Best of luck in the future.

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    Your biceps are 16 inches and your thighs only have 5 more inches on your bicep.... wow

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    No, I'm not going to use clomid or nolva during cycle, I meant after. Sorry I forgot to throw that in.
    Thanks for the advice guys, I'll just run the test for this one and save the tren .

    YoungMan, no that was a typo. My thighs ARE pretty small, but not THAT small

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