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    Thumbs up first time user ever. please comment on my plans guys.

    okay after alot of advice for a first cycle i have decided to go with ethenate (for 12 weeks) rather than propionate because of the less frequent & painfull injections, but i still want to run another compound for the last 6 weeks but with no estrogen side effects so then i would know what compound was causing what effects. i have been looking into winstrol & anavar . both give good quality gains, while help going for the ripped look, anavar being alot more money but seems to be the better of the too. what do you guys think ??

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    Whats your stats?

    Most blokes on here will tell you to stick to test only for your first cycle.

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    looking towards anavar myself.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfletcher View Post
    Whats your stats?

    Most blokes on here will tell you to stick to test only for your first cycle.
    ^^^^ I've never done winny or anavar . But I have done Test only cycles where I've gotton big and ripped up... and Test only cycles where I'm just put on alot of mass and wasn't as cut. I'd suggest sticking with test only but adjusting you're diet in weeks 9-12. If you're goals are to get big and ripped, Eat like a maniac for the first 8-9 weeks, and then adjust your diet/training. I couldn't give you specifics on diet. I never count my calorie/protein/fat/carbs intake precisely. I just know what and when to eat to achieve my goals. Lift really heavy for weeks 1-8 and then go to lower weight/higher rep workouts to get cut up.

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    first off don't change your lifting routine to get ripped. IMO that theory has been debunked by BB since the stone age. Ripped muscle is just big muscle with the fat stripped. The only reason IMO to reduce to light weights and less intensity is every so often to allow CNS, joint, and tendon recovery.
    I see in profile you are 24, but you have no weight listed. Your fat gains and losses will be largely based on diet and not the drug used. Winny IMO should not be used generally due to the possible joint issues it can cause. Anavar would be a better selection however for a first cycle you do not need it. Go with Test E as it is a painless injection with less frequency of pinning. This is better for many reasons. Just because prop peeks faster doesn't mean the E is not working.
    if you had listed weight we could give some diet advice. If you are wanting to stay leaner during cycle. Eat 1.5 -2 grams pro per body pound. start about 200 grams of carbs and 75 grams healthy fats.
    have quality PCT lined up as IMO you are borderline age for cycling. make sure to add HCG
    good luck.
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