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    Test enanthate/winstrol cycle help

    age 26

    i plan on running my 2nd cycle ever, I ran one cycle of winstrol last spring 50mg/day.

    MY cycle looks like this-
    1-10 test e 500mg/week 250 tue, 250, fri
    3-10 winni tabs (only winni he has is oral) 50mg/day
    PCT- arimiadex, now this is my problem he said its the only thing he can get, i know most guys take this during cycle. is it even worth taking for pct?
    multi vitamin
    fish oil
    flax oil
    milk thissle

    diet= 6 meals 388g of protein/day
    2 meals wit carbs meal1= 1 cup of oatmeal
    meal 4(1 hour pre workout) 2 servings of brown rice

    8-10 hours sleep a night

    any advice/ critique, thanks guys

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    HCG , Nolva, Clomid. You can get 2 of the 3 on the ar banner at top. I think Nolva and HCG are most important

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    agreed with kelevra, you need a stronger PCT. im guessing this is a cutting cycle, should post your diet in the diet section before starting to ensure this works out for you

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    8:00am 6eggwhites 2whole eggs 1cup oatmeal

    11:30am-12oz chicken 4oz salmon 8oz yams

    2:30pm-10oz lean meat 1serv mixed veggies 1teaspoon flax 1scoop whey

    6:00pm-(preworkout) 8oz chicken 1 serv brown rice

    7:45 gym

    9:15-(post) 10oz tuna 1scoop whey

    11:00pm-6 eggwhites

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