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Thread: Clen and Gyno

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    Clen and Gyno

    History, I have had gyno surgery years ago. So i am familiar with what is, what isn;t and what are pre indicators. I have come off an Anavar only cycle of 60mg a day, for 7 weeks. I have finished my PCT with Nolvadex @ 40/20/20/20. NEVER HAD ANY GYNO SYMPTOMS DURING OR AFTER THE ANAVAR. Through and after the anavar, my pecks around the nipples were tight.

    Ive just started taking clen on day 3 @80mcl today. What I have noticed is that my nipple area around the areola is a little red, there is some slight droop.. Just like when i first started to get gyno. No lumps, no real itching..slight.

    But id be damned if I wasn't convinced it was similar to it.

    Could the Clen be flaring up the tissue in the area from my original gyno from years ago?

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    CLENBUTEROL is not a steroid and is non hormonal. Ive never heard of one person getting gyno from it
    in all my days.

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    Clen 's a bronchil dilator. I've never heard of it affecting progesterone.

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    L:et me clarify. I know it does not convert to estrogen and will not give me gyno. However, at the end of the night after being on it all day, I do get warmness and a lil puffy around the nipples. Just wondering if there is any correlation between it and flaring up pre-affected tissue.

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    No way can you get gyno from clen .

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    If i'm not mistaken.. i believe he's not asking if clen can CAUSE gyno, but whether it may irritate or agitate the pre-existing gyno... however, i do not have an answer for that.
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