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    2nd Cycle. Test Prop and NPP or Test Prop and Equipoise

    Hi guys, my first cycle was test e at 600mg a week front loaded with 4 weeks of dbol . I had great results and have kept most of it after my pct. I have two a proposed cycle. Please can i have your opinion on this cycle. I am looking for good lean mass for the summer Thanks!

    The first option is:
    week 1 to 12
    injections 3x a week
    100mg test prop
    160mg super test (test blend consisting of prop 40mg,phenylprop 40mg,Isocaporate 40mg, enanthate 100mg,Cypionate 100mg-10ml)
    75mg NPP
    50mg Masteron Prop
    0.25mg A-dex every day

    week 10-16
    Oral Winstrol 50mg daily
    Proviron 50mg daily
    pct starts at week 16

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    Test is Test. Why do you want to take Test P plus a test blend? You have a lot of compounds for a second cycle. You did your first cycle at 20? I'll let the vets comment about safety.

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