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    test question

    Hi im on week 4 of 12 test e 300mg pw and i was woundering what happens in terms of gains:

    - do you get stregnth gains what lead to bulking ?

    - or just start bulking more than usual?

    i think my gear is legit cause ive had strength gains and some noticeable gains
    plus increased sex drive, acne, mood swings, aggression, confidence etc.

    just wondering as im about to hit the kick in point , might seem a silly question


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    Strength gains slowly start to increase from week one and your size gains will be determine by your diet.

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    many of the gains will be dependant on diet. you should be operating now at 100%. 300mg is a ok begginer dose, but a bit small. You'll get some good gains over the duration, but you won't add 50 pounds over night.

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