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    Another Newbie - Does this Cycle Seem Sorted ?

    Hey Everyone!

    Been lifting for 6 Years now and thinking about my first cycle in about 6 months so trying to get all the advice/information I can at the moment in preparation so my first cycle doesn’t go to waste.

    Age: 21 (22 by time of cycle)
    Lifting Expericence: Since i was 16 (6 years)
    Height: 5” 10
    Weight: 83kg (183 pounds) (heaviest ive been is 190 pounds and will look to get to a lean 87kg (192 pounds) before cycle.
    Body Fat: Ab’s are clearly visible, not sure maybe 11% at a guess
    Squat: 160kg (352 pounds)
    Deadlift: 150kg (330 pounds)
    Bench: 120kg (264 pounds)
    Training: 5 days a week split
    Goal: Want to increase my lifts, put on more muscle without significant fat gain and water retention. No real goal weight as I know if im happy when I look in the mirror but im thinking around 92kg Lean.
    Diet: Because of the work I do I get alot of time to prepare meals and eat through out the day. Im eating every 3 hours from the time I get up. Heaps of Chicken, Beef, Vegetables and pasta. Supplement wise im taking When Protein, Fish Oils, Multi Vitamin, Glucosamine.
    Meal 1 6am: Bowl Mixed Oats with Full Cream Milk and Protein Shake
    Meal 2 9am: 200g Chicken Breast, Veggies, Rice
    Meal 3 12pm: 300g Steak, Veggies, Pasta
    Meal 4 3pm: Banana, Protein Shake with full Cream Milk
    6pm: Banana, Pre Workout Drink
    Meal 5 8pm: 300g Chicken/Steak, Veggies, Pasta/Rice
    Meal 6 9:30pm: 100g Cottage Chese, 250ml Full Cream Milk
    Cycle: Im looking at runinng the Test Enanthate for 9 weeks and then the Propionate for 3 weeks to cut water retention towards the last few weeks of the cycle. And also only running the Equiopoise for 10 weeks so that when I do my last Propionate injection then ill only have a 4 day buffer till PCT.

    Week 1-9 : Test Enanthate 500mg/week
    Week 1-10 : Equipoise 400mg/Week
    Week 10-12 : Test Propionate 500mg/split EOD

    Week 13-16: Clomid (40mg/day – 1st week, 30mg/day – 2nd week etc, 20mg/day - 3rd week ,10mg/day - 4th Week)

    Week 6 & 12 : HCG 1500ui/week to bring the boys back sooner when PCT Starts

    I’ll also have some Nolvadex on hand to help with any sides that may show up !!

    Any suggestions/comments about this cycle would be appreciated!!
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    I think you need to figure out a better 1st cycle and read some more stickies.

    Diet is what keeps fat gain to a minimum so if you don't have that dialed in correctly then how do you know what well hellp

    Your PCT is a mess. Go back over to the PCT threads and read some more. Swiftos PCT is a good start. Utilize aromasin or arimidex as on cycle support for estro not clomid.

    I'd start with a simple Test E cycle 1-12 weeks. Basic, learn how to better adjust your diet as this is what makes all the difference

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    Hey Reed'

    Thanks for the reply!

    I realise that fat gain during cycle is all down to diet, I just meant pretty much that I didnt want the bulk of a compound such as Sust during the cycle.

    I've added in my diet too. I really need to do a Marco beakdown though before cycle to check my PFC intake and make sure it is all in check.

    I'll read right the way through Swifto's thread and adjust my PCT!!


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    The diet looks pretty alright... to a degree from what I've seen some post lol. Id add in some EFAs. However IDK the macros, calories, how much energy you expend dialy through work out, job etc.

    Take your time man. Read through things throughly. The test will be waiting for you when you get you shit all straighten away. I took months and months on here before I did.

    Patience will serve you oh so well you'll thank yourself later.

    And I still suggest a Test ONLY cycle for a first go around so you know how you react then go from there

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